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The work ethics and compliance professionals do is essential 24/7/365, but today is an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments, connect with your community, and receive some recognition from your peers. Started in 2016 and observed every September 26, this day was founded as a reminder that your commitment to preventing unethical behavior and encouraging people to do the right thing does not go unnoticed.

We hope you have a memorable Compliance Officer Day, and encourage you to explore the #ComplianceOfficerDay hashtag on LinkedIn and Twitter to see how others are recognizing this day, jump into the conversation, and share any stories about how your organization is shining the spotlight on the role of its E&C team. Here is what the SAI Global team has been working on to make today even more special.

After launching the first Compliance Coloring Book last year, we created a new version for 2018. Volume 2, released today, contains 18 new illustrations on topics like GDPR, social media risk, tone from the top and middle, and more. It’s available in three different formats. You can download a PDF copy on our website to print and share in your office, or try our new interactive, online coloring book experience. To pick up a printed copy, visit our booth at any upcoming event.

SAI Global Compliance Coloring Book Cover 2018

We created new resources to read in your spare time that we think you’ll love. On SlideShare, we created a short presentation, available here and embedded below, that uses research from ECI, the SCCE, and some of our own findings to summarize ‘The State of the Chief Compliance Officer in 2018.’ We also launched a short survey so you can share your own perspectives around working in E&C today. Over the past year, we’ve also interviewed 18 E&C professionals around the world, and we took all of these interviews and published them in a new eBook called Six Questions with an Ethics & Compliance Officer: Class of ’17-18. To download a copy, click here. 

We made 7 of our newest communication tools available to use until the end of October. They’re all between 2 and 15 minutes long and cover topics like leading with integrity, mutual respect, information security, sexual harassment, and bullying. For access to all of this new content, visit our website and complete a short form.

We launched a new private, online community on LinkedIn called ‘Ethics, Compliance and Risk Professionals: Collaborating to Advance Confidently.’ In it, you’ll be able to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, talk about challenges you’re facing, network with your peers, and find mentors. You’re all invited to join! To request access, click here and share your response to our first discussion topic.

We’re hosting a roundtable Q&A webinar today at 2 PM EST featuring three E&C experts that will cover the challenges and characteristics of modern E&C professionals and what trends are driving some of those changes. It’s approved for 1.2 live and non-live CCB CEUs and over 500 of your peers have signed up to attend, so we hope you’ll set aside an hour and register to join us. If you can’t, we’ll be sharing a recording of the content later this week on our social channels and this website.

We’d love to hear about how #ComplianceOfficerDay is being recognized in your organization, so contact us or tweet us @SAI_Compliance to tell us about your day!