5th Annual Compliance Officer Day September 26

Founded in 2016 by SAI Global

Oh, 2020. Who could’ve imagined this a year ago?

As compliance, ethics, or risk professionals, you’re used to navigating obstacles with resilience and integrity, but 2020 has tested us all.

Gone are the joys, insights, and stories at a conference speaking session and happy hour. Instead, we got one heck of a cocktail: A pandemic mixed with equal parts social unrest, political turmoil, and environmental tragedy, impacting our lives and careers profoundly and personally. ​

For Compliance Officer Day, we’re collecting and sharing stories of how our compliance community have created successes, overcome hurdles, and helped each other.

To Help You Recover & Reset

Be one of the first 50 people to share a 2020 story with Compliance Officer Day to receive from SAI Global a free 30-day gift subscription to Headspace, the site for everyday mindfulness and meditation.

You’re not alone.​

Cleaning up this mess has proved challenging, but we think we’ve found a small, powerful way to help overcome the stress, anxiety, and tension of it all. ​

Let it out.​

It starts with letting out that feeling that’s been building up in the pit of your stomach. Share your experience with others in our community to know we aren’t alone. It continues with self-care, mindfulness, and meditation to help you reset, recover, and bounce forward.

Let it go.​

Tell us a story from your 2020, short or long, inspiring or infuriating, happy or sad. In return, we’ll send you a free 30-day subscription to Headspace, the meditation and mindfulness app.

What’s your story about being a Compliance Officer in 2020?

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Terms and Conditions

By submitting your story you are giving us permission to publish your story in any media or format, including on the Compliance Officer Day website and in social media. We may be in touch about edits to your story, but we reserve the right to edit submitted content without prior notification for error correction, formatting, or similar reasons. Recipients of the Headspace Subscriptions will be notified by Email by October 15.