Compliance Officer Day is an annual event recognizing the professionals who have dedicated their careers to the field of ethics and compliance

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Last year, we saw the inaugural National Compliance Officer Day, an effort spearheaded by SAI Global, but with the intent for it to become a much bigger and broader thing than something affiliated with any one company. I was glad to write about the effort last year, as I strongly support the cause here: To celebrate the unique burden carried by compliance officers, as well as the indispensable value that compliance officers deliver to their organizations by driving legal, ethical, honest and sustainable business practices.

Bill Coffin

Editor in Chief , Compliance Week

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Started by SAI Global in 2016 and observed every September 26th, this day of appreciation was created to celebrate the important role ethics and compliance officers play in global business. Your commitment to preventing unethical behavior and encouraging people to do the right thing does not go unnoticed.